Pulaski Council Approves Additional Appropriations for Highway Department

The Pulaski County Council at their meeting last night approved two additional appropriations for the highway department at the request of Highway Superintendent Mark Fox. The appropriations, totaling $54,725, will fund insurance for the highway building and equipment and will also cover the overtime expense accumulated by the department.

Auditor Sheila Garling said the additional expense from insurance was due to an increase in their liability insurance premium. This was not budgeted, she said, and the department had bid it out after they had completed their budget. The premium increased a total of $83,000, with $4725 to be covered by the department.

The other $50,000 of the additional appropriations requested by Fox will go toward paying employee overtime. Fox said that this overtime expense is for work that the employees have already done and it is owed to them.

The council approved both requests for additional appropriations.