Pulaski Council Approves Recycling Center Equipment Purchases

The Pulaski County Council approved a motion to proceed with the recommendation of the commissioners to authorize the recycling center to make two purchases to help the department work more efficiently. Recycling Center Director Ed Clark requested that the council allow him to purchase four two-by-nine-foot cement slabs for the center’s retaining wall, saying that it would save department employees from having to bend over as much.

Clark said these slabs could be bolted together and picked up by the skid-steer to be placed in the sorting bin, saving quite a bit of effort. The price, he said, is discounted from $100, and he asked for four pieces to get started. This would help with cardboard, plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, and even auto plastic.

Clark also requested to purchase a single-cylinder grapple to help pick up large auto plastic pieces, as well as other materials. As it is now, Clark explained, the payloader is able to pick up some of those pieces, but others are very long and cannot be placed in a regular bucket. This would allow the department to easily pick up those larger items.

The council approved the purchase for $1257.