Pulaski Sheriff’s Department to Upgrade Control Pod

Pulaski County Sheriff's Department
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department
The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department will soon be upgrading the control pod in the jail, as the county council this week approved a $19,000 additional appropriation to fund the project at the request of Sheriff Michael Gayer. Gayer said he was asked by the jail commander to give a presentation to the council regarding the proposal for these much-needed upgrades.

Gayer explained the control pod is a locked room, manned 24 hour each day, controlling every aspect of the jail’s operation. He said there have been numerous issues reported, including hanging wires, needed upgrades, and security issues.

Gayer explained the line of sight in the control pod as jailers look out at the holding cells is blocked by TV sets and a countertop, and he proposed replacing the countertop and building an elevated platform that would allow a 360-degree field of vision. He said he’d also like to move the surveillance TVs higher on the wall, and correct the wire problems.

The cost, he said, comes to $19,000, and the sheriff’s department could use its misdemeanant fund to cover the expense. The council approved the request.