Starke Commissioners Discuss State Law Regarding Manufactured Homes

The Starke County Commissioners are reviewing state statute to determine whether or not manufactured homes must be “set” by an Indiana licensed set crew. Terry Stephenson with the planning commission approached the commissioners and asked how they wanted to address the situation, as there are no licensed set crews in Starke County.

Commissioner Kathy Norem explained that when that portion of the law was originally approved in 2010, it included a portion that stated these homes must be set by a state-licensed set crew. However, the county has not been following it; there was an ordinance in place, she said, but the county was not adhering to it. This, she said, is in her mind “much worse” than simply omitting it.

That prompted a discussion, and information provided by the state indicated that the Department of Homeland Security feels the intention of the state law is to require licensed set crews to set these homes – but, the statute does not explicitly say that.

Norem said while it isn’t written directly that it is required, the DHS interpretation is that it is inferred. Commissioner Jennifer Davis said she does not want to be out of compliance with either an inferred or a stated code, and would like to review it before the next meeting and make a decision then.