Starke County Highway Department Remains Busy

 The Starke County Highway Department continues to stay busy with plowing efforts, as Superintendent Rik Ritzler yesterday morning told the commissioners that his department spent most of the month of February plowing, with 17 days of the month spent clearing roads. He said five of the days were spent hauling material, with the other days used for general maintenance.

Over the past two months, Ritzler said, the county has plowed nearly 100,000 miles, building a total cost of $561,000. Fortunately, he said they did spend less in February – but that may just have been because the month was shorter, Ritzler explained.

Ritzler also told the commissioners that the county has received $800,000 for bridge work from INDOT. The project is set for 2018, with funding to be received in 2017, and he said they are now creating a request for proposals for designing the bridge. On top of that, he said he is going to submit four applications for bridge work as well.

The highway department is also advertising for a new inspector position, Ritzler noted. The position will be posted throughout the county, on their website and Facebook, and in local papers if need be. Ritzler said he’s hoping to receive many INDOT-certified applicants.