Starke County Saturday Voting Hours May Increase to Seven Hours

Starke County Clerk Evelyn Skronski this week spoke with the county commissioners regarding election hours, stating that they may have to increase the number of hours on Saturdays due to the population of the county. She said the county recently reduced the voting hours on Saturdays to four hours, and they may have to increase that to seven because the county population exceeds 20,000.

Skronski said the election committee is also in need of a commissioner, and Commissioner Jennifer Davis volunteered to take the seat. Skronski said she still needs two people from the Oregon 3 district, one republican and one democrat, preferably handicapped or elderly.

She also mentioned that an issue has come up regarding firemen being on advisory boards; there are two situations, she said, one in California Township and one in Center Township, with firemen on advisory boards. Unfortunately, Skronski said elected officials, if elected, must drop out of the fire department. Skronski said this recently came to her attention and she just wanted to give the commissioners a heads up.

Skronski will return at the next commissioners meeting on March 17 to further discuss the part-time election workers’ hours.