Wastewater, Water Reports Given to Knox Board of Public Works Members


Knox Wastewater Superintendent Kelly Clemons told the Knox Board of Public Works this week that some snow melt and rain water got into manholes around the city and that issue will need to be addressed in the future. Some violations were also noted at the plant which are being remedied. Clemons said they could be fined for the violations, but she hasn’t received any penalties yet.

She noted that issues occurred while the power was out during a freezing rain and snow storm on March 12. The lift station at Pacific Ave. was out of order for 12 hours and while the industry work was able to continue, there was no way to process the water. Clemons said she’s talking to an electrician to see what can be done about acquiring a generator at that location. She will be talking about that purchase with the board in a future meeting.

Water Superintendent Todd Gardner explained that several lines have broken since pipes have started to thaw. No mains have broken, but lines to the main have separated. Five homes remain without water due to the deep frost line and the lack of warm weather to help

thaw those lines. Gardner said the frost line in some areas is as low as four feet while in other areas it’s two-and-a-half to three feet in the ground. He said it’s the worst he’s seen in the state for a long time.

Next year, Gardner proposed, the city should send out reminder notices to keep water faucets running to the residents affected with frozen pipes this season. The homes that dealt with frozen pipes could have been prevented if water dripped from faucets.