A Colonoscopy Could Save You from Colon Cancer


Staff members from IU Health Starke Hospital visited the WKVI studios on Friday morning and one topic that General Surgeon Dr. Mangalore J. Subbarao discussed was the importance of the colonoscopy.

Dr. Subbarao said you can prevent colon cancer by getting this procedure.

“Colonoscopies are very important to prevent the cancer of the colon,” said Dr. Subbarao. “Colon cancer develops with the little growth called a polyp. If you remove the polyp, you have no colon cancer. If you don’t remove the polyp, it grows into a big cancer and it spreads. Then only do you have some symptoms.”

If you are 50 years of age, it is recommended that you get a colonoscopy. Dr. Subbarao said a procedure should come earlier if a relative has had colon cancer.

“Yes, let’s say that the father had colon cancer at age 50 the children should have the colonoscopy at age 40 not age 50.”

Dr. Oren Carterman, Anesthesiologist at IU Health Starke Hospital, said anesthesia is used now to ease discomfort.

“In times past, way long back when the physician doing the procedure is doing some sedation also, the patients may have experienced some discomfort and I’ve heard some stories about that. Now we’re using anesthesia. I’m there strictly to take care of the patient and make sure they’re comfortable and make sure they’re not aware. It’s going to be a very good for you.”

Make sure you have a consultation with your doctor and he or she can make a recommendation for a colonoscopy.