Asphalt Plants to Open Later This Spring, Pothole Patching Continues


As temperatures continue to improve and we move further into the spring season, construction projects are beginning and pothole patching continues. The asphalt plants will soon open to create product.

Asphalt plants will be opening a little later this season due to the unusually difficult winter. INDOT representatives have been told that the cold and poor traveling conditions have delayed prep work for the summer paving season. The prep work is necessary before the plants can open.

Until then, pothole patching will be done with cold patch. The cold patch does not create a permanent solution, but it helps with the flow of traffic. The freeze-thaw action created a large amount of potholes this season and some of the potholes that were patched are open again.

You may report locations of potholes on interstates, U.S. highways and state roads by calling 1-866-849-1DOT or you can notify them on social media. Send a tweet to @INDOTpotholes on Twitter.