Defendant’s Alleged Probation Violation Prompts Bond Revocation

Starke County Courthouse
Starke County Courthouse

Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall revoked a bond for a defendant during an initial hearing Wednesday afternoon.

Tiffany Witham pleaded not guilty to charges of Possession of a Syringe and Possession of a Controlled Substance as Class D felonies.

During her initial hearing, it was learned that she allegedly violated probation. She told Judge Hall that she attempted to go obtain treatment as outlined in her probation but she hadn’t found the right rehab program. She was then arrested on these new charges.

She requested that her $2,500 surety bond be dropped and leave her $500 cash bond. Starke County Deputy Prosecutor Mary Ryan objected stating that she violated probation after not seeking counseling.

After hearing arguments, Judge Hall ordered her bond revoked for 14 days until a probation violation charge is filed. After the charge is filed, the bond will return to $2,500 surety and $500 cash.