Eastern Pulaski School Board to Consider Contract with The Crossing

 The Eastern Pulaski School Board has started a discussion about The Crossing which is a school that helps educate students who have dropped out of school, transitioned to home school or who were expelled at one time during their educational career.

Superintendent Dan Foster stressed that the board is only in the discussion phase at this point.

“I know Starke County is looking at bringing The Crossing in up in that area. I brought that into our board to kind of give them some information as we continue to look into that opportunity as well,” said Foster.

Foster said that it’s early in their discussions but Eastern Pulaski could consider partnering with the Starke County Crossing School as they move forward.

“It’s still early but there is a possibility that we could potentially have some students attend the one up in Starke County. Early on we met with Mr. Good and his staff last week, West Central and with local judge Michael Shurn. We’re still earlier in the process than Starke County. There’s some possibility there and we think it’s a very good program. We’re going to continue to look into that and have some discussions. Hopefully we’ll see some positive signs from that.”