Knox Community School Board Approves Contract with The Crossing

The CrossingThe Knox Community School Board members discussed entering into a contract with The Crossing alternative school during their meeting this week.

Superintendent A.J. Gappa said The Crossing is a second-chance opportunity for students who have dropped out of high school, been expelled or transitioned to home school. Education is delivered in a way that best fits students.

Gappa confirmed that the board is moving forward to help those students.

“The board did approve a contract with The Crossing for two years,” explained Gappa. “We would want to get at least 18 students from the Knox corporation each year for the next two years to be part of that program.”

Knox would be part of The Starke County Crossing and would include students from Oregon-Davis schools. The North Judson-San Pierre Board is still considering a contract.

The Starke County Crossing alternative school is anticipating taking students this fall.

“They’re on a balanced calendar so they would get going rather quickly to try and recruit some students, get their teachers in place and then start this next school year.”

A location will be sought after a local board is appointed.

“The way The Crossing operates is that they create local board. In this case, it would be a Starke County board and they would come up with a location. They haven’t done that yet so that would be one of their next goals – secure a location, get their staff in order and move on from there.”