Knox School Board Spotlights Archery and Hunter Safety Courses


The Knox Community School Board members heard a presentation on the high school’s hunter education and archery programs during their meeting last week.

Superintendent A.J. Gappa said Rob Krueger, Jake Skelly and DNR Representative Zachary Howerton gave the presentation about the hunter safety class that’s offered to sophomores and an archery class.

“They also talked about the archery class that’s part of the PE curriculum. Last year, we received a grant from the National Archery Association and so we were able to purchase $3,000 worth of archery equipment for $500. We had four teachers to make sure they had safety first and everything is taught according to how it’s supposed to be. They presented that program, showed a video clip of some of the kids in class and some of the comments on how they enjoyed the class. It was a success. The board enjoyed the presentation,” said Gappa.