Lack of a Second Strikes Ordinance Amendment

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

An ordinance amendment will be going back to the drawing board as the Knox City Council members failed to pass it on final action.

Discussion concerning an amendment to ordinance #1142 regarding outdoor storage and the setback distance for displays was the issue that hung up the approval of the ordinance.

Officials from Smith’s Farm Store attended the meeting and had a problem with the setback as the regulation would place most of their outdoor displays into the parking lot area which is crammed as it is. They also noted that none of their displays currently obstruct the view of traffic in terms of height or distance from the building.

The owner suggested perhaps the ordinance amendment was fashioned toward his business. The notion was disputed as the council said the ordinance amendment was written to do what was best for the city and to create some sort of regulation to the action of outdoor storage.

It was argued that a business like Smith’s Farm Store could take the 25 foot setback requirement to the Board of Zoning Appeals for an exception or include conditions to that part of the ordinance that pertains the company as a variance.

When it came to a vote on the matter, a motion was made by councilman Jeff Berg and the motion died for lack of a second to the motion. City Attorney David Matsey then indicated that the whole process is at the starting point.

The concept now goes back to the planning commission to start from scratch.