Marshall County Commissioners Approve Contract with Cedarbridge Treatment Centers


The Marshall County Commissioners were informed by James Pheibush from the probation department that the Muncie juvenile detention center is closing and a new detention center is opening in Montgomery County.

Pheibush said Cedarbridge Treatment Centers offers more space and a segregation of younger juveniles from the older juveniles, plus there’s a gender separation. The travel time will be two-and-a-half hours from Marshall County.

The Muncie Juvenile Detention Center will still offer transportation services.

With the change in detention centers comes a change in contracts. Pheibush asked the commissioners to sign the new contract. The county was spending about $400,000 and that amount will be reduced.

The commissioners approved the new contract.

A similar presentation was offered during the Starke County Commissioners meeting last week and the commissioners also approved a contract. The move will cost a little more money.