Marshall County Commissioners Sign Metronet Paperwork

 The Marshall County Commissioners signed several documents Monday morning to get the Metronet project closer to the beginning phase.

The interlocal agreement with Marshall County and the City of Plymouth was signed by the commissioners which will go on to the county council to be signed. County Attorney Jim Clevenger explained that a local board will need to be formed to oversee operations. A commissioner, city council member, county council member, and a representative from the private sector will need to be appointed to this board.

Another agreement was signed that names CSU, Inc. as the contractor for the project. The contract outlines the project where conduit would be installed from Ireland Road in South Bend to the Plymouth city limits. The agreement also states the CSU, Inc. will complete the project at the bid amount submitted that was approved which is $598,221.99.

A reciprocal agreement between St. Joe Valley Metronet and the county has not yet been signed.