Marshall-Starke Development Center Director Gives Report to Commissioners


Mike Lintner from the Marshall-Starke Development Center provided an annual report to the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday.

In addition to his annual report, he brought a client to visit with the commissioners. Gilbert Harrington became a client in 2008 in the supported living program. He is wheelchair-bound and rents a room with two roommates in one of seven staffed housing sites. Sixteen people are in the residential program in Marshall County.

Harrington also works in the woodshop within the Marshall-Starke Development Center. He stacks product and is pretty good at putting the finishing touches on the fiberglass bars that are installed in showers. Those who are a part of the Marshall-Starke Development Center also make plywood reels for wire companies and window blocks.

In all, there are 225 adults in programs and 182 children are enrolled in headstart programs. Of the 447 total people enrolled in classes and programs, 231 are from Marshall County.

The Marshall-Starke Development Center has 178 staff members.

With transportation being a big part of this program, the organization is able to purchase gas from the county at a discounted rate. From July to February, $46,266 in gas was purchased.

The commissioners appreciated the update and enjoyed Harrington’s presentation to the board.