Meth Offender Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

Thomas Howell
Thomas Howell

A Plymouth man was sentenced to 12 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine and theft.

Thomas Howell, 50, was arrested in March after police arrived at the Red Rock Inn in Plymouth looking for him. The owner of Quality Setters, Inc. called to report that Howell was stripping wires from buildings. When they arrived at the room at the motel, officers could see people inside the room through a curtain even though they weren’t answering the door. After the occupants reportedly moved items around in the room, the door was opened and officers asked for Howell.

Howell identified himself and told police that he had a meth lab in a laundry basket under the bathroom sink. Officers retrieved the lab and items related to manufacturing the drug and took Howell and two others in custody.

Howell told Judge Robert O. Bowen that he was suffering from a terminal illness and was not expected to live much longer. He testified that he was eager to go to prison where he would be guaranteed free medical services and square meals. In response, Bowen said that he was impressed with Howell’s candor, truthfulness and willingness to accept responsibility for his actions.

Howell was sentenced to the advisory sentence of 10 years for the charge of manufacturing methamphetamine and two years on the theft of the wire. The sentences will run consecutively. Howell was not represented by an attorney by choice.