Metronet Bids Approved by Marshall County Commissioners and Plymouth Redevelopment Commission


The Marshall County Commissioners approved a bid for the county’s portion of the Metronet project and the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission approved a bid for the city’s portion of the project.

The commissioners approved a bid from CSU, Inc. for Alternate A at a cost of$598,221.99. The county’s portion of the project includes general work for the infrastructure and conduit.

The city selected the base bid and alternates A, B, C, and D with Michiana Contracting.

Those alternates break down as follows:
Alternate A:  Install conduit and hand holes from Lincolnway to State Road 17 on Pioneer Drive
Alternate B:  Install conduit and hand holes from Pioneer Drive to Overmyer Drive on State Road 17
Alternate C:  Install laterals to eight city buildings and the two water towers
Alternate D:  Install laterals to three county buildings located in the city limits

The costs of alternates A and B will be split 50/50 with Marshall County and Marshall County will pay 100% of alternate D.

The total net construction cost for the city will be $678,966.31. The total cost of the entire project for the city is $965,114.31. The amounts are within the preliminary engineering estimate of $1,134,627.

A fiber-optic network infrastructure from St. Joseph County to Plymouth will be installed with the cost being split between Marshall County and the City of Plymouth. St. Joseph County, South Bend, the City of Plymouth and Marshall County are paying for the conduit for the project while other entities are paying for the telecommunications cable.

The project is expected to enhance the connectivity between businesses and residents with broadband capabilities.