Oregon-Davis School Board Approves Bus Purchase


The Oregon-Davis School Board approved the purchase of buses through the Central Indiana Service Center during their meeting Monday night.

Superintendent Greg Briles said the board approved the purchase of two buses.

“We will be purchasing a new bus and then we are also going to be looking at the possibility of purchasing a one year off-lease bus in order to stay within our funding formula that the state has given us for bus replacement,” said Briles.

The new bus will be a 78-passenger bus and the off-lease will be a 72-passenger bus.

Briles added that a few buses will be taken out of the fleet as a result of the purchase.

“We currently have four buses on our fleet that we will be removing. “We are going to put those up for sale to the public to see if anybody would be interested in them. I realize that sometimes there are people in our community that could use them for other things such as detasseling and some of those activities. So, we’ll give our community an opportunity to look at those.”

Information on bus mileage and recent work activities will be released out of the office in the near future. The sale will be advertised.