Oregon-Davis School Board Holds Successful Community Meeting

Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School
Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School

The Oregon-Davis School Board recently hosted a community meeting to inform parents, students and community members about the technology plan, what’s happening in the future in the junior/senior high school and about the balanced calendar.

Superintendent Greg Briles told WKVI that a survey was completed by those in attendance and 27 people strongly agree with the balanced calendar, 24 agree, 7 disagree, 6 strongly disagree and 2 are undecided.

One comment was made that it would create a problem with a child in another corporation on a different calendar. Also, parents work schedules would not match and it would be difficult for parents to get children to after school activities during the two-week remediation/vacation time. Child care was another issue.

Others say it would be a great break for students and it could allow for better grades. Students may not misbehave as often and remediation would be a plus for those students who struggle.

A complete list of reasons why people like the balanced calendar and why they don’t like the balanced calendar can be found here: Balance Calendar Survey

Superintendent Briles added that the students in the middle school will be going to iPads next year as that is the trend in technology. That is part of the school’s new three-year technology plan. The bell schedule will also be different for the morning schedule at the junior high and high school levels. The junior high students will have 52 minutes of instruction for core classes and the high school will have a 47-minute bell schedule.