Plymouth Airport Board Moving Forward to Obtain Weather Station


The Plymouth Aviation Board will be moving forward in obtaining a weather station.

Dave Lattimer told the Marshall County Council on Monday morning that it’s highly probable that the green light will be given for a weather station after several other improvements are made.

Lattimer explained that the runways need to be extended and widened and two taxiways from the ramp to the runways need to intersect at a “T” instead of at a 45 degree angle. The staff will also need to extend the taxiways. Insurance will also need to be adjusted. All of those improvements need to be done before the FAA will approve the Plymouth Airport for a weather station.

In order for this work to be complete, the airport will need to be shutdown for 60 days. That time frame has not yet been announced.

The board has been working on getting a weather station for the past two years. Lattimer explained that the airport will purchase the weather station and then seek reimbursement from the FAA.

Lattimer hopes that with the improvements and the addition of the weather station former clients will come back. The insurance issue will also need to be addressed for some higher profile clients to return to the Plymouth airport. Some had to utilize the Rochester airport due to insurance issues and the length of the runway.