Plymouth Man Sentenced to 28 Years in DOC

Otis Young
Otis Young

A Plymouth man known to be a popular methamphetamine cook and for getting more and more people addicted to the drug over the past several years will be spending a lot of time behind bars after pleading guilty to several serious charges in a plea agreement with the State.

Marshall County Superior Court Judge Robert O. Bowen sentenced Otis Young to a total of 28 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections in a hearing Thursday afternoon.

Young pleaded guilty to charges of manufacturing methamphetamine, strangulation and habitual offender. Judge Bowen sentenced Young to 20 years on the charge of manufacturing methamphetamine with five years suspended, two years on the charge of strangulation and six years on the charge of habitual offender. The sentences will run consecutively.

Otis Young may be eligible for purposeful incarceration but only after he serves 13 years of the sentence and if he doesn’t cause any trouble while incarcerated. Chief Deputy Prosecutor Nelson Chipman told Judge Bowen that it is unlikely that Young would petition the court for purposeful incarceration as he’s been unruly in the local jail. The sheriff revoked half of Young’s good time credit.

Young was arrested after an investigation into the strangulation of his girlfriend and when methamphetamine precursors were found in his possession in June 2013.