Pulaski County Commissioners Approve IT Contract

 The Pulaski County Commissioners approved an IT contract during an emergency meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

The commissioners had to hold the meeting as RB Walters left county IT service provider Degroot Technologies and he was the technician who took care of the computers at the Pulaski County Justice Center. Company officials believe he would be the best person to continue working on the computers as he is the most familiar with the processes at the jail. Degroot Technologies would continue servicing the county’s computers and the Justice Center would be handled by a separate contractor.

Walters had some issues with the contract that County Attorney Kevin Tankersley presented and informed the commissioners that he was not going to sign it.

Walters started a company, ACME Computer Company, LLC but the contract is being bound by an individual. Tankersley explained to the commissioners that Walters started the company online last week and to cover the county, the contract was drawn up to hold Walters personally accountable as his company is getting off the ground. That’s not being accepted by Walters.

Walters also noted that he wanted to be paid block hours and be paid in advance, but Tankersley explained that Walters would be required to submit an invoice and be paid every two weeks instead of all at once.

After a lengthy discussion, the commissioners approved a motion to approve the contract as is. They approved another motion that if Walters does not sign the contract that they replace him with an interim technician to provide services until he signs the contract.

The contract is not long-term. A new contract for IT services for the county will be sent out for bid in a few months.