Pulaski County Commissioners to Discuss IT Contract in Emergency Session

 The Pulaski County Commissioners will meet in emergency session today at 3:20 p.m. ET to consider an IT contract to prevent disruption of the 911 system at the Pulaski County Justice Center.

The IT contract was discussed at the Pulaski County Council meeting on Monday night and the members discussed getting some sort of agreement with the current contractor to continue. The council wants to move forward as quickly as possible so coverage doesn’t lapse.

The contract will outline the hours of work and the pay specific for those hours and any overtime. The contractor must also be ready to be on call for any sort of issue.

An IT contractor would only be servicing computer-related issues as the county has an independent contractor for the copy machines.

The Commissioners will discuss a contract during their open meeting in the Commissioner’s room in the Pulaski County Courthouse this afternoon.