Robert Corbin’s Case to be Heard by Indiana Supreme Court

  The Attorney General will be representing Starke County in an oral argument to be heard in the Indiana Supreme Court Thursday at 9:45 a.m. ET.

This hearing surrounds the case of Robert Corbin.

Corbin was arrested in April 2012 on two charges of Attempted Child Seduction, as Class D felonies. It was alleged that a then-sixteen-year-old student had been receiving inappropriate Facebook messages from Corbin who at the time was a teacher at the Knox Community School Corporation.

After the charges were filed in Starke Circuit Court, Corbin’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss charges as it was the claim that Corbin did not take a substantial step to constitute the crime of Attempted Child Seduction. In a later hearing, Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall denied a motion to dismiss which was later appealed. The Indiana Court of Appeals accepted jurisdiction and heard oral arguments by the Indiana Attorney General’s office who represented the State at that hearing. The Court of Appeals reversed Judge Hall’s ruling.

Now, the case is in the Indiana Supreme Court.

According to Starke County Prosecutor Nicholas Bourff, the argument will be 40 minutes in length with equal time on both sides.