Share the Road With Farm Machinery

Slow Moving VehiclePlanting season means it’s time for motorists and farm machinery to share the road. Motorists are reminded to be alert for slow moving farm implements that can turn unexpectedly from a field or driveway onto a public road. Tractors and other farm machinery travels slower than other traffic, often at speeds of 25 miles-per-hour or less. These vehicles are required to display a slow-moving vehicle emblem on the back and make sure all lights are in working order. Whenever possible, slow moving vehicles are required to pull off to the right when three or more vehicles are blocked and can’t pass on the left. Some farm machinery may take up more than half of the road in order to avoid road signs and other obstacles. Before you try to pass a slow-moving vehicle, make sure it is not turning left. Look for left turn lights or hand signals. A driver who slows and pulls toward the right side of the road may also be preparing to turn left. Also make sure the road is wide enough for you and the farm implement you are trying to pass to safely share, and look for obstacles like mailboxes and road signs that may cause the other driver to move to the center of the road. Also be sure there is adequate distance to safely pass and obey all no passing zones and other traffic laws. Indiana State Police officials say extra patience, careful driving habits and the use of highly-visible markings and lighting will help prevent crashes involving farm machines and automobiles.