Starke County Commissioners Approve Precinct Changes


Voters who cast ballots in one Starke County precinct will do so in a new location, starting with the May 6 primary. Clerk Evelyn Skronski told the commissioners Wayne Township 4 was previously located at the North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation Administration Building. School officials said it’s becoming too crowded and offered an alternative.

“They told us that we could use the atrium area at the high school,” Skronski said. “The east side has the handicapped parking and a lot of space. It’s got what we need. The only thing is we have these big, open windows that let in lots of light. That’s fine. They’re going to cover them so that candidates cannot stand out there and do whatever they do.” The other change is Oregon Township 3. Skronski says it’s in the same location but in a different building.  The Koontz Lake Lions Club building was torn down, and the Koontz Lake Regional Sewer District built an office on that site. Skronski says the Help America Vote Act committee had to make sure the new building was compatible with their guidelines and the Americans With Disabilities Act. They found it to be in compliance with everything, but Skronski needs the approval of the commissioners to make the change official. They unanimously approved the relocation of both polling places.

Absentee voting is under way now at the Starke County Courthouse. If you prefer to cast your ballot on Election Day, information about polling place locations is available here