Starke County Youth Club Stresses Health and Wellness


The Starke County Youth Club provides more than homework help for the 600 students it serves at four after-school sites. Executive Director Irene Szakonyi  says health and wellness is a critical component of the Starke County Youth Club’s mission.

“When we survey our kids about how much time they would be watching television or how much time they’d be playing on their game systems or video gaming, we know that’s significant, and it’s way more time than is healthy for them,” Szakonyi  says.

She adds the Starke County Youth Club is constantly looking for ways to help the students they serve be more active. Instructors try to balance technology-based learning with physical activity, nutrition classes and life skills that help them to be healthier in all aspects. One of the most popular offerings is the cooking class, where Szakonyi says youngsters learn about healthier food choices and new ways to make some of their favorite dishes. She says parents have told her they were grocery shopping with their children and were told to buy a particular type of product because it is better for them.

The Starke County Youth Club’s 7th Annual WKVI Radiothon will take place Friday, May 2 starting at 10 a.m. CDT right here on WKVI. They hope to raise $40,000. Find more information about the club on their website,