Use Common Sense When Burning Yard Waste This Spring

 It’s been a long winter and warm temperatures are tempting some to get out and get yard work done. This prompts leaf raking and in some instances, burning leaves and other yard debris. Knox-Center Township Fire Chief Kenny Pfost wants to you take caution if you decide to burn yard debris on your property.

Pfost urges to you review the ordinance codes for burning in the county and in the city or town limits. There are certain restrictions on what type of things can be burned on your property. There is no burning of any kind allowed in the Knox city limits.

He stresses that if it is legal to burn yard waste on your property wait for a calm day to burn. Don’t choose a windy day to do this outside chore. A small fire can quickly escalate out of control and potentially cause more damage than you had intended.

Several brush fire calls have been called in this spring already and area firefighters urge you to use common sense when cleaning your yards this spring.