Volunteers Needed to Spearhead Bicentennial Celebration Pillars

Indiana BicentennialStarke County’s participation in Indiana’s upcoming bicentennial celebration may be limited unless organizations or individuals step up and volunteer to help with event planning.

Commissioner Kathy Norem says the county’s only commitment right now is to be part of the 92 county torch relay in 2016. According to the bicentennial website, it’s “designed to promote and unify the state by connecting people, communities and regions. Hoosiers will also symbolically “pass the torch,” connecting past and current generations to future ones to IGNITE our future.”

The route is still being planned, but communities are urged to schedule their own celebrations to coincide with the six-week event.

The commissioners suggested perhaps the Starke County Chamber of Commerce or Historical Society may want to look at the four pillars established by the state bicentennial committee and get involved. Those pillars are history and celebration, youth and education, nature conservation and community involvement.

More information is available on the Indiana Bicentennial website at http://www.indiana2016.org/key-pillars/.