Cody Barnette Sentenced in Starke Circuit Court

 A North Judson resident was sentenced to four years in the Indiana Department of Corrections in a hearing in Starke Circuit Court Wednesday morning.

Cody Barnette, 20, previously pleaded guilty to charges of escape as a Class C Felony and misdemeanor charges of trespass and criminal mischief.

Judge Kim Hall said he reviewed his case and took into consideration that he has been diagnosed with four mental health disorders including a bi-polar disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder. At the same time, Judge Hall stated that Barnette had medication for these issues and declined to take it.

It was also stated in open court that Barnette has a lengthy criminal history.

Judge Hall reviewed the incident in which Barnette was being sentenced. Barnette was visiting a woman in North Judson and they got into an argument. Barnette then lit a pillow on fire and the victim called police. When officers arrived on scene, Barnette eluded them. He climbed out of a window from inside the residence and climbed on top of the roof while ignoring police commands to stop. He was then tased by police. Barnette ripped the probes from his body and took off on foot. He was captured and subsequently got away from the officers. Police, firefighters and others went looking for Barnette and he was eventually located, handcuffed and placed into the back of a squad car. He proceeded to break out a window in the squad car. He also threatened a police officer.

Barnette told Judge Hall that he didn’t remember a lot of what happened that night as he was under the influence of “pills”.

Judge Hall told Barnette that a sentence in this case needed to either teach him a lesson or it would be the beginning of a long career in committing crimes.

An amended plea agreement was approved by Judge Kim Hall. In the agreement with the prosecutor’s office, Barnette pleaded guilty to charges of escape, trespass and criminal mischief. The terms of that agreement calls for a four-year sentence in the DOC on the Escape charge with no part of the sentence suspended.

Barnette was sentenced to one year each in the Starke County Jail on the trespass and criminal mischief charges with no time suspended.

The sentences were ordered to be served concurrently, or at the same time.

He will be able to participate in a therapeutic community while incarcerated. If he successfully completes programs, he may petition the court for a modification of his sentence.