Concrete Bid Approved for 50/50 Sidewalk Program in Knox


The Knox Board of Public Works members approved a bid for the 50/50 sidewalk program in a special meeting on Thursday morning.

The board approved the lowest conforming bid from Covenant Concrete in the amount of $22,395. That includes all 12 properties and the ADA compliant accessible curbs for properties at 55 E. Lake Street, 53 E. Water Street and 707 S. Shield Street. The city is responsible for paying for the ADA accessible curbs.

If all of the homeowners decide to go through with their half of what is owed in the 50/50 sidewalk program, the Board of Public Works members will need to ask the Knox City Council for an additional appropriation of $2,010 to cover costs. Right now, the city’s share of the total cost of the bid is $12,010 and there is $10,000 budgeted for this in the city’s budget.

Mayor Rick Chambers told the board members that there may be a couple of homeowners who drop out of the program, which happens every year, so they will see what happens when everything is settled.

One quote for sidewalk work had to be amended as the wrong house number was written on an application. Street Department Superintendent Jeff Borg said measured the correct sidewalk space which has a difference of five feet so that will be taken under consideration in this project.