County Pride Concert is Sunday, May 18,

County Pride Concert is Sunday, May 18, 3:30 PM CDT at the NJSP High School Auditorium
A county-wide combined high school band and choir performance will be held this Sunday, May 18.  The choirs and bands of the 3 high schools in Starke County will join together along with the directors from each of the schools – Oregon Davis, North Judson San Pierre and Knox.  The schools have collaborated on the project to allow the students to work together.
This is an opportunity for the students and the community alike to have unity within the county that includes everyone.  Competition is a natural result of teams playing against one another.  This concert is to help everyone see the unity that’s in our county and help spur a sense of pride to be a part of Starke County.
There’s no charge for admission although a free-will donation will be gladly accepted at the door.  All proceeds will be divided equally between the schools for their music programs.  Come and enjoy the program which will include music by the combined choir and band individually, with the final number being a patriotic medley performed by both the choir and band.