Eastern Pulaski School Board Adds J.E.S.S.E. Staff to Payroll

 The Logansport J.E.S.S.E. Co-op is de-centralizing and since the Eastern Pulaski School Corporation is a part of that co-op the Eastern Pulaski School Board had to make some clarification and housekeeping changes regarding some staff members.

Superintendent Dan Foster said while the teachers have been teaching with the co-op for several years they received a paycheck from the Logansport Co-op. With the de-centralization, those teachers will be coming onto the school corporation’s payroll.

“In July, some of those teachers will become Eastern Pulaski employees,” explained Foster. “Three of those teachers made the transition: Melissa Newman, Kasey Hines and Grecthen Gearhart. We actually hired a new special education person, Julie Perkins, who is a Winamac resident who has been teaching a Culver for the past 15 or 16 years.”