Eastern Pulaski School Board Approves Secondary Contract with The Crossing

The CrossingThe Eastern Pulaski School Board signed a secondary contract for students to participate in The Crossing alternative school in Starke County. Superintendent Dan Foster said it’s a pay-as-you-go agreement.

“As we use it, we’ll pay for those students we’re sending,” said Foster. “We don’t have to commit a certain number and that’s simply right now because we’re in between locations. If they get the one going there in Starke County, and there’s one in White County, but there’s not one right here yet. It’s hard for us to commit because we may have a student that lives in the southern part of our district that could be 45 minutes to an hour to get up to Starke County. As things progress, that could certainly change.”

Foster added that the school board was made aware that this is a partnership with The Crossing.

“It’s a partnership. It’s not The Crossing coming in and trying to steal our students. They’re technically still out students. We’re going to pay them as a contract to help us educate – maybe reach some of these students in ways that we haven’t been able to do here at the local level. They have a few different options available to them than we can offer.”

The contract will begin Aug. 1 which is the date the Starke County Crossing alternative school is expected to begin.