Franchise Transfer Resolution Between TV Cable of Winamac and PWRTC Presented to Pulaski County Commissioners

pwrtc_logo_mainEric Galbreath from TV Cable in Winamac and Mark Dickerson, CEO of Pulaski/White Telephone Cooperative, went before the Pulaski County Commissioners last night to requesting the transfer the franchise from TV Cable to Pulaski/White Telephone Cooperative (PWRTC).

Dickerson asked the same of the Winamac Town Council last week. PWRTC is purchasing the assets of TV Cable in Winamac and it’s the plan to make the transition seamless. Customers will have access to faster, broadband Internet service and service bundles.

Dickerson explained that he could have gone to the state for a franchise, but he wanted to stay local and continue with the agreement in place.

“We’re a local entity. I like to deal local and I like to deal with you guys. At the close of the sale, we would assume the franchise,” stated Dickerson.

Some of those franchise terms are billing agreements and free cable service to the libraries and schools. Care of right-of-ways is also listed.

The best news is that all but one employee will be staying when the sale is complete.

“I am taking on the employees of TV Cable of Winamac. I’ve already spoken with them. As we get closer to the closing date, which we’re hoping to be by the end of July, TV Cable of Winamac will technically terminate the employees and we hire them the same day.”

Eric Galbreath will not continue on with his duties when the final papers are signed. Pulaski/White Rural Telephone Cooperative signed a contract with TV Cable of Rensselaer and help will be available for the startup of the new ownership.

The three commissioners unanimously approved the resolution for the transfer of the franchise and signed the necessary documents.