Generator Issue for Two Pulaski County Entities Still under Discussion


Officials in Pulaski County are still looking into getting more details in outfitting the county home and the Pulaski County Health Department with generators.

In previous settings, county home and health department workers have asked the commissioners for hard-wired generators that will be activated if the power would happen to go out. Currently, there isn’t a generator on hand to keep the power going in an instance of a storm or other event where the electricity could be out for some time.

The health department staff is looking to protect immunizations and the staff at the county home are concerned for their patients.

Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston told the commissioners that he is still researching the issue.

“We still have a lot of research to do,” commented Johnston. “I don’t have the numbers back yet as far as what our needs are. The one thing that I wanted to kind of clarify is we have resources purchased by the county for these things. It’s your decision what resources they get – not theirs.”

Commissioner Tracey Shorter agreed with Johnston’s comments.

“If we already have the equipment in the county, why spend the money, the time and the energy to look for another piece of the same equipment that will work here now?” questioned Shorter.

No decision was made during the meeting and Johnston will continue to consider all options.

“All of those questions, all of that information that’s all going to be given to you as soon as I get the information from them,” added Johnston.

Johnston will have more information about this situation and present that information to the commissioners in the near future.