Grants Approved to Fight Aquatic Vegetation


The Department of Natural Resources has disbursed grants totaling nearly $520,000 to fight invasive aquatic vegetation in Indiana’s lakes.

Lake users will benefit from efforts to control or manage aggressive non-native species, including Eurasian watermilfoil, curly-leaf pondweed, and starry stonewart that can take over and clog lakes.

Aquatic vegetation management survey, plan and treatment funding was approved for Bass Lake and Koontz Lake in Starke County; Four Lakes area in Marshall County; Lake of the Woods in Marshall County; Hudson Lake and Clear and Pine Lakes in the City of LaPorte; and Upper Fish, Lower Fish and Mud Lakes in LaPorte County.

Aquatic vegetation management treatment grant money was awarded for Bruce Lake in Pulaski County and Stone Lake in the City of LaPorte.

Local funding ranged from $4,300 to $36,800. The grants can also provide economic benefits to lake communities by improving and increasing public access opportunities for those who fish or pleasure-boat.