Knox Board of Public Works Open Street Paving Bids


The Knox Board of Public Works members opened bids for street paving this week. The lowest bid came from E&B Paving with $91,992.27 as their bid. The highest bid was from Central Paving for $120,000. The board members agreed to accept the lowest conforming bid pending approval from Street Department Superintendent Jeff Borg and City Attorney David Matsey.

Six streets were sent for bid which include Pacific Avenue from the railroad crossing to the Cavinaugh Ditch, Bender Street from Pacific Avenue to Sycamore Street, South Roosevelt Road from Culver Road to the bus barn at the high school, St. Louis from Prettyman Street to East Street, Shield Street from Potter Street to St. Louis Street and Cleveland Street from Lake Street to the south dead end.

In his report to the board on Wednesday, Borg said he’s been in contact with Michiana Contracting regarding the stop light at the intersection of Culver Road and Main Street. Attempts are being made to replace that stop light at the most reasonable cost. Borg said a lighter device could be installed for $7,133 but the poles and wires would need to be redone for this project. More information will be gathered in order to move forward with replacing the light. Replacement parts are no longer available for the 50-year-old traffic light.