Knox Board of Public Works Opens Sidewalk Bids


The Knox Board of Public Works opened bids Thursday for the 50/50 sidewalk program.

There was no quorum, but the bids will be taken under advisement and awarded at a special meeting on May 15.

Two bids were submitted by Pete Kuchel Concrete and Covenant Concrete. The residences that were submitted for bid include 104 S. Pearl St., 703 S. Pearl St., 307 S. Main St., 604 S. Main Street, 703 Delamatyr, 705 E. Washington St., 707 S. Shield St., 102 Water Street, 402 S. Pearl St., 356 E. Mound, 55 Lake Street and 53 E. Water Street.

Street Superintendent Jeff Borg said the biggest project will be at 53 E. Water Street where the plan is to replace the sidewalk, curb and gutter, and the retention wall. He told the homeowner that the whole project doesn’t have to be done this year. Half of the project could be done and then bid out again next year for the other half. That discussion will continue.

Pete Kuchel submitted a total bid of $34,155 and Covenant Concrete submitted a total bid for $20,770.

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers said the 50/50 sidewalk program is very beneficial.

“Our money just goes a lot farther and we’re helping the homeowners out by paying for half of those sidewalks,” said Mayor Chambers. “The city pays for the corners for handicapped accessibility. The homeowners are not responsible for that. We are making great strides in improving the sidewalks with the 50/50 program. Every year we have enough homeowners that apply that we spend the total amount that we allocate in our budget.”

Chambers said a special Knox Board of Public Works meeting to discuss the sidewalk bid and more will be held on Thursday, May 15 at 9 a.m. CT in Knox City Hall.

“Next week we will award the sidewalk bid to the low bidder (providing specs are in line) and also we will be offering a conditional offer of employment to a new police officer next Thursday at the special meeting.”

Todd Keen recently resigned from the Knox City Police Department and the board is searching for his replacement.