Knox City Council Reviews Tax Abatement Paperwork for Hoosier Custom Plastics

 The Knox City Council reviewed Hoosier Custom Plastics’ compliance papers for tax abatement purposes.

Starke County Economic Development Executive Director Charlie Weaver spoke on behalf of the company since the owners were busy at a trade show to promote the business.

The business is known for the manufacture of biodegradable golf tees but they also produce molds for the automobile market as well as the medical field. When they first approached the council for this tax phase-in request, they promised to hire 20 employees and offer a salaries totaling $595,000. They now have 36 employees and offer salaries totaling $923,000.

With the statistics provided to the council, the members unanimously approved a motion that shows that Hoosier Customs Plastics are in compliance with what they’ve promised as far as their tax abatement requirements. The papers with the signatures were provided to the Starke County Clerk’s office to be filed.