Knox City Council Takes Final Action on Outdoor Storage Ordinance

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The two-year long discussion on the outdoor storage ordinance in the city of Knox could come to a close soon.

The Knox City Council voted last night to reject the plan commission’s outdoor storage ordinance as it doesn’t have wording to allow for special use.

The council members were not settled on a certain setback of an outdoor display at a business. The 25-foot setback was what needed to be changed and the council members were trying to decide the best way to go about that change.

Upon further discussion, it was found that the ordinance is basically written as a blanket ordinance where one size doesn’t fit all.

As explained, each business is different and has a different way of operating. Including wording in the ordinance that allows a business to go before the Board of Zoning Appeals to request a special use in order to display certain goods outside of the business would be acceptable to the council members.

That proposed change will be discussed by the Knox Planning Commission members during their meeting on June 3. If the plan commission members could agree to add that wording, the ordinance would be sent back to the council for final approval at their next meeting.