Knox High School Graphics Department Earns National Award


After competing only one year prior, the Knox Community High School graphics department was noted in the Phoenix Challenge National Magazine for taking home a silver award for Flexo Press printing. Flexography is used for producing labels on packages. It utilizes a raised rubber plate to imprint on products. Candy wrappers, bottles of pop, anything you see in the store with a label on it was most likely produced with Flexo Press printing. This is the second year that Knox has sent students and their graphics teacher, Mr. Sullivan, to Charlotte, NC for the Phoenix Challenge. Schools from all over the nation and Canada compete in the program. The Knox team ranked third in the nation. The students who participated this year were Sarah Horstman, Elizabeth Radelja, Mario Rodriguez and Nathan Lynch. Thanks to their success this year, the Phoenix Challenge program will continue to be funded through the Knox School Corporation in years to come.