LaPorte City Police Department Shooting Review Board Completes Investigation


The LaPorte City Police Department Shooting Review Board completed an investigation on an incident involving the fatal shooting of a resident’s aggressive dog.

According to LaPorte City Police Chief Adam Klimczak, Officer Chris Schoof was dispatched to 316 G. Street in LaPorte on Tuesday, April 29 to look for a wanted person. While on the property, the 50-pound dog broke its collar and charged at the officer while barking and showing its teeth. Officer Schoof tried to retreat but due to the dog’s aggressive actions and that the occupants did nothing to stop the action, the officer was forced to fire two shots into the animal.

The supervisor arrived on scene and confirmed that the dog’s collar had broken and a witness observed the dog break out of the restraint and charge at the officer.

In addition to the evidence in this case, the board learned that two officers were dispatched to the house just days before this incident in an unrelated call and found this dog to be very aggressive with them and the chain to tether the dog was not secure. The owner was advised of this situation at that time.

The board found that officer operated in compliance with the LaPorte City Police Department’s Deadly Force Policy.

Chief Klimczak reminds all pet owners to properly leash or restrain animals when required.