No Immediate Opening Date for 700 East Bridge in Starke County

The bridge on 700 East north of State Road 8 may be closed longer than originally thought, according to Starke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler.

The emergency design for the bridge that was damaged by a tree in the river is coming along. There is a slight hiccup in the process as permits are needed to make further repairs on the bridge and the approval of those permits could take some time. Ritzler explained that the bridge was damaged much more than once the area was surveyed a little closer. Three pillars and a spreading beam need to be replaced along with the removal of some asphalt on the bridge.

The bridge has been closed about three weeks now and there’s no immediate date of when it will open. Ritzler will be applying for federal funding for the cost of the repairs to this bridge as flooding was the cause of the damage. Once all of the information is received, including permits, the application will be sent.

Ritzler added that there are four bridge projects this year and designs for those projects are ongoing.