Officials Break Ground on $100 Million Expansion Project in LaPorte

Governor Mike Pence addresses the crowd on the grounds at Alcoa’s manufacturing facility

Governor Mike Pence helped Alcoa dignitaries break ground Thursday morning on a $100 million expansion project next to its current facility in LaPorte.

The 320,000 square foot addition will enable 329 new workers to produce nickel-based superalloy jet engine parts. It will allow Alcoa to go beyond the structural engine component assembly for business and regional jets to large commercial aircraft. The plant will also increase the company’s capacity to supply engines for narrow-body aircraft, which are the top-selling jet engines in the world.

Workers at Alcoa’s current facility manufacture turbine components, industrial gas turbines and other turbine-based transportation products. The current facility employs 470 people.

This expansion project is the second major aerospace investment by Alcoa in Indiana in two years.

Governor Mike Pence told WKVI that this project is key in helping bring back the economy in LaPorte and Northwestern Indiana.

“It’s just incredibly exciting to see a company like Alcoa that could grow anywhere in the world choosing LaPorte, Indiana to grow,” said Governor Pence. “The investment of tens-of-millions of dollars, the creation of hundreds of new good paying jobs is a platform of things to come. Not only are you going to see these jobs come to this new state-of-the-art facility here at Alcoa but also all of the suppliers. All of the companies that service them are going to be required to continue to grow and continue to invest and create jobs.”

LaPorte Mayor Blair Milo
LaPorte Mayor Blair Milo

LaPorte Mayor Blair Milo said this expansion project is something that the City of LaPorte can be proud of.

“I think this is a great indicator of the direction that the community is going. We are very excited for Alcoa’s success and look forward to championing different types of projects that are moving in positive momentum like what we’re celebrating today,” said Mayor Blair Milo.

State Senator Jim Arnold noted that this project is big for the entire area as people commute to LaPorte to work.

Governor Mike Pence helps officials break ground for the new 320,000 facility

“More people work from out of the county and out of our area than people realize. And this is going to be bringing in people from all over helping everyone – not just LaPorte County and not just our general area. That is also important. Probably one of the major things is it’s another step in the right direction for the state of Indiana. It’s another expansion, more jobs and it helps us all,” commented Senator Arnold.

Up to $4 million in conditional tax credits were offered to Alcoa’s subsidiary, Howmet Castings and Services, Inc., based on the company’s job creation plans. These tax credits are performance-based meaning until Indiana residents are hired, the company cannot claim those incentives.