Oregon-Davis Students Surpass Mini-Relay Goal

20140530_134900Each year the Oregon-Davis School Corporation does their part for cancer research by collecting donations for the American Cancer Society.

Elementary school special education teacher Roberta Salyer is responsible for starting the program and for keeping it running for ten years now. Last year the school raised $1,200 for ACS. This year their goal was $1500. Classrooms had donation jars in them over the last few weeks and people could make donations at yesterday’s mini relay for life.

Students made banners and colored masks for this year’s Mardi Gras theme. The motto was ‘Party With a Purpose to Mask Out Cancer.’ Beads and masks were also sold, and the money went into the donations. By the end of the day they had exceeded the $1,500 goal.

The success of the Oregon-Davis program has inspired curiosity in surrounding schools to start mini relays of their own. Two Knox high school students stopped by OD Friday morning to see how things were run. This program is an opportunity for the school to promote healthy living and to help students understand more about cancer. It also gives students a feeling of accomplishment for raising money for such a great cause. Roberta Salyer shared her opinion about the effect doing the mini relay can have on students: