Practice Safe Driving Habits during Motorcycle Awareness Month


May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

All motorists and motorcyclists are reminded to share the road and to practice safe driving habits. Motor vehicle operators are urged to be aware of motorcycles especially at intersections and while making turns and lane changes. As it is difficult to accurately judge the time, speed and distance of an approaching motorcycle, make sure you check the position of an oncoming motorcycle two or three times before driving through an intersection or making a turn.

Construction zones and uneven pavement can be especially troublesome for motorcycle riders. Be aware of edge traps which occur when one lane is higher than the other. An inexperienced or inattentive motorcyclist can easily lose control when encountering these spots.

Indiana State Police troopers encourage all motorcycle riders to wear a Department of Transportation approved helmet and riding safety gear. Motorcyclists are also asked to be visible with working lights on the motorcycle and to wear high visibility clothing. Avoid riding in blind spots and use lane positioning to increase visibility and watch for turning vehicles.