Pulaski County Maintenance Supervisor Weighing Generator Options


Pulaski County Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Johnston is working with EMA Director Larry Hoover to ensure all of the county buildings have adequate generators to meet their needs.

He told the commissioners the county has five military surplus, trailer-mounted generators that can be placed at the annex building, county home or elsewhere should the power go out.

Commissioner Terry Young says both Pleasant View Rest Home and the health department, which is in the annex building, want hard-wired, permanent generators. One of the trailer-mounted generators can be left at the county home, because there is room to park it. However, there’s not space at the annex building to place one long-term. Should an emergency occur and a generator be needed there, Johnston says it could be parked in the alley to the south of the building on Riverside Drive. County employees use that alley for access to the parking area behind the building, though, so it’s not a viable permanent option.

Johnston says he’s still trying to determine what size generator is needed at the annex building. The biggest concern there is the vaccines the health department keeps in a refrigerator. Should the power go out, they could be ruined. Johnston says he will share more information with the commissioners when it is available.